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  • .Rimici International Muslim Chamber of Economy Secure Cloud Platform
  • .ISO 27002 implementation
  • .Security Operations Center
  • .Security Risk Management
  • .Integrated Risk and Compliance

Business Network

  • .California International Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Texas International Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Colorado International Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Southwestern International Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Southeastern International Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Green Business

Rimici International Muslim Chamber of Economy Membership Program Benefit

  • .Accounting and Financial Services
  • .Advocacy Team and Operations
  • .Advocacy & Volunteering Platform
  • .Civic Engagement Platform
  • .Events Managements Platform
  • .Hajj and Travel Program
  • .Muslim Legal Network
  • .National Zakat, Sadaqah, Classified Ads & Family Crowd Funding Platform
  • .Professional Career Resources
  • .Women Professional Network

Our Key Issues

Economic Sustainabillity

Workforce Development

Diversity & Inclusion


Housing Affordability & Density

Transportation & Infrastructure

Enviromental Sustainability

Health & Human Services

Clean and Safe Streets

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Helps with


From Community

Enabling practical and real life Muslim family solutions through professional and volunteers live help and support forum


Provide Information Technology

First Muslim Family Governance Framework (Civic Policy, Family Programs, Muslim E-Conomy and Islamic Resources). Focus on giving confidential and personal information control to our family members


Open The Opportunity to each other

Muslim Family Governance programs are enabled on top of ISO27002 and ISO27001 based security best practices that are documented, evidence based and auditable meeting privacy and security requirements helping to meet regulatory and personal goals

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First Muslim Family Secure Cloud Data Center and high performance scalable storage infrastructure

IMCE Sponsorship

Events Managements Platform

Events Managements Platform 

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Islam,

AlhamdulAllah Able Community and International Chamber of Economy worked very hard in establishing next generation infrastructure for the unified Muslim Ummah Platform and enable practical solutions for our families, professionals, Young interns and graduates and businesses.

Able Community and International Chamber of Economy are announcing the Local & National Events Management Program for the 21st Century Muslim Society.

Key benefits of Event Management Program are:

  1. Events Setup & Online Ticket Sell
  2. Community Events Newsletter Campaign
  3. Community Events Online Blog & Newspaper Campaign
  4. Promote in Facebook
  5. Promote in Twitter
  6. SMS Event notification & registration
  1. Event Fund Raising Drive Donation Setup
  2. Event Crowd Funding Drive Setup
  3. Event Social Networking
  4. Events Media integrated with YouTube
  5. Event Videos, Pictures and Blogs

The above program capabilities are designed, developed and implemented under the leadership of our dear sisters, daughters and our Advocacy Team!

The Events Management Program is designed for the Muslim Society enabling most of Muslim Society Programs, Services & Events, we will put more blogs for use cases and Events Management Program

The Events Management Program is integral part of the Marketing & Advertisement platform available for our community businesses & larger U.S businesses to participate in the Socio-Economic activities and sales through International Chamber of Economy Platform. High level flow of Events Management program are as follows:

  • On-Boarding in International Chamber of Economy Events Management Program
  • Social Media Events Marketing & Events Banner Ads in:
    1. Centralized events platform for events registration, ticket sell, dedicated events, local events newsletter & campaigns and event introduction to local communication newsletters and Advocacy network.
    2. Zakat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Funding Platform
    3. Hajj & Travel
    4. Financial Platform
    5. Muslim Legal Network
    6. Women Professional Network
    7. Muslimi Fashion
    8. Deals & Discount
    9. Social Media Marketing
    10. Muslim Yellow Pages
    11. Marketing TV & Event Streaming
  • Access to Marketing, Social Media, & Events Specialists/organizers & Professionals via Marketing Social Networking Platform
  • A comprehensive unified Marketing, social media, events, design & fashion platform

Events Management Program for 21st Century Muslim Society is integral part of Social Ads, Sale Leads, Social Ads Campaigns and Events Marketing and National Marketing Program!

For information, adaptation & Advocacy engagement, please Contact Us Here: 

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