Salaam O Alaykum dear brothers & Sisters,

A Thought & Path of Innocence

Without knowing one’s state of being and the awareness of environmental situation and challenges, we are destined to have exceptionally short, limited, micro view of events and challenges. This results in exceptionally difficult, complex and negative interaction resulting in short term, limited benefit/return (if any).

Now try to visualize above statement regarding a Muslim individual, a Muslim teenager, a Muslim family, a Muslim Community and clearly our present day Muslim leaders.

The fast paced social, economic and professional forces is pushing us as individuals, family and society to give away (Tawakkal Ala Allah- Putting trust in Allah)and sincere kindness to be selfish, focus on near term profit and self-interest, self-projection whileconsider others as objects forself-service. 

We are living in a society where familiesand individuals project self-material control, projection, and materialistic competition to the point that any positive effort, any thought for larger community benefit is viewed as direct threat and competition.

Our present day short term, limited view of events and situation has given rise to the weakness in Islamic environment and Islamic families due to our narrow and short term gains, approach, interaction and communication. 

This is resulting in devastating impact on our teens, families and clearly negative impression on the non-Muslims.


Formation of Rimici “ONE Source” A Muslim Family Solution

Rimici originated to love and devotion to my daughter Aqsa Ashraf. Due to lack of time to spend with her, I tried to setup a basic Muslim family website where we can collect Islamic stories, Naat, so parents can directly read to their children from the website. More I worked on the content, it came as truth that our children are not the problem or cause of issues, it’s us parents who were not trained to face this fast paced, highly changing and dynamic life.


Vision of Rimici “ONE Source” A Muslim Family Solution

15 years ago, I came to clearly see firsthand that unless we Muslims come together and work to design, build and develop Community secure infrastructure, we cannot enable sustainable quality of life and real life solutions to help our families, teens and individuals.

This thought and effort took another year and half to design the Muslim Community Infrastructure foundation and platform.

Once the secure family cloud infrastructure is completed, I designed and established the Muslim Family Governance Framework, Domains, Family solution programs in each domain with underlying best practice based efficient processes. 

These process are operational engine for Muslim family governance framework and programs with clearly defined roles & responsibilities and performance metrics reporting for continuous improvement. This resulted in a practical working model… well rest is history. 

For over 15 years, I made every bit of effort to present to our community leaders and organizations.

Well I got delayed and from depth of my heart and with deep shame, I apologize to each one of you.

Living in Silicon Valley, California, I applied same exact principles, approach and underlying governance capabilities in leading technology, Health care and banking companies. These leading U.S companies were more than respectful, excited and thankful to benefit from my hands on command and knowledge of Privacy and Security Governance and Risk Management.

Alhamdulillah with the help and mercy of Allah the First Muslim Family Secure Cloud Data Center and Infrastructure is operational.


Builders of Rimici “ONE Source”

We are not the Muslim community or Muslim family’s leaders. Not that we are not capable, it’s to the truth that Muslim leadership and its tone is beneath our strength, vision and drive.

Nature of Rimici “ONE Source” and its visionary mindset is designing and enabling a safe and secure Cloud Infrastructure and building real life solutions for Muslim Families and individuals. 

Environment of our devotion and hard work is based on silence with Zikr of Allah, His mercy and blessings to help complete solutions after solutions for the Muslims.

We know our framework, we know our program, and we know our technology tools, automated solutions, clearly defined roles & responsibilities. 

We have done an incredible amount of work for “Information plumbing” so that communication and information can flow with respect, clarity, results and impact driven while avoiding any confusion. We are clear, focused and working day and night in implementing, enabling and sustaining practical programs and solutions for our families and individuals. 

Our intent and goal is to make the Muslim families, teens and individual’s journey of life, clean, safe and fun in accordance with Islamic values and principles – With a Smile!!

We are the builders of The Muslim Family Governance Secure cloud data center, infrastructure and platform. 

Upon this resilient, high availability and ISO 27002 based security programs, we have completed the below Muslim Family Governance Domains and its respective online programs/solutions. 


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