Engaging and interactive conversation layout for site users.

Improved Layout

Get better acquainted with another users with the newly improved private messages layout.

Easy Navigation

Users can now send messages directly without needing to go Profile page.

Our Key Issues

Economic Sustainabillity

Workforce Development

Diversity & Inclusion


Housing Affordability & Density

Transportation & Infrastructure

Enviromental Sustainability

Health & Human Services

Clean and Safe Streets

Cloud Integration

Storing of attachments at a remote storage made possible.


Built-in cloud storage allows the forum to offload file attachments to a remote storage

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Moderation Tool

Banning users from the front end, permanently or for a short period of time.

Spam Control

Keep your discussions clean and free from annoying spam. It works with ReCaptcha

Word Filtering

Keep profanity away and have a safe forum that gives positive vibe to your users by automatically filtering words that may hurt.

Ratings Engine

The tools you need to increase user engagements on your site.

Star Ratings

Reward discussions up to 5 stars. It's a thoughtful way to make owner of the discussion feel appreciated..


Users are able to cast their votes on a favorite post or reply.

Plus all the goodness a forum should have


Do not miss out on anything being said about what's important to you.


Reward active users who contribute in discussions with a badge or two. It's a thoughtful way to make users feel appreciated


Quickly start a poll inside a discussion to gain more user interactivity and responsiveness.


You can move your forum posts

Email Template

Moderators can now edit the email template conveniently

Improved Points System

Reward users on the site with reward points whenever they perform specific actions on the site.

Smart Search

This also allows you to create pre-defined filters so you can provide your users with a specific set of results

Discussion Maps

Shows the discussions on the world map with Google Map. This free module tags the origin of a discussion to a specific location with a direct link on the map

User Rankings

It is a cool gesture to rank users based on how participative they are, in a bar graph.

'Who's Viewing' Bar

An interactive bar that shows which users are currently online and who are involved in a discussion.

'Who's Viewing' Bar

An interactive bar that shows which users are currently online and who are involved in a discussion.

Elegant Themes

Rimici Discuss also comes with elegant and professional themes.

Unified Language Manager

Choose your preferred language of your site by downloading the language pack at the back-end

Email Digest

Receive emails for a specific range of time for every action performed on the site.

Post Activity Summary

Users have the option to subscribe a summary of post activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Better Subscription Control

Users can get control of contents you would like to receive in your subscription.

Prioritizing Tickets

A must have for any advanced support or helpdesk ticketing system.

Ticket Priorities

Allow users to set priorities for each of their posts to better manage your tickets.

Private Tickets

Users who prefers private discussion can now mark their discussions as private.

Moderation Workflow

Promote efficiency on tasks assignment with ease.

Custom Workflow

Assign tasks on specific category for different roles on site.

Email Notification

Receive email notification for discussion replies or when there are task are assigned to you.

Stats Overview

A statistical graph shows the overall view of the task completed in a week.

The New Forum View

Modern, well organized, and easy to use forum layout.

Post Anonymously

Site users now have the option to post discussions anonymously. Rest assured that users privacy are in good hands.

Featured Item

You can highlight important discussions and display them in the forum front page to gain more exposure.

Exclusive Moderator Back-end Posts

Moderators are able to post discussions from the back-end.

Improved Administration

Unifying all extensions with the same DNA, enhanced usability and functionality

Revamped back-end

Easy to access dashboard with improved layout for better site management.

Improved ACL

Be in complete control of your forum with the built-in access control lists (ACL). You can set certain restrictions to certain user or user groups to what they can do in the discussions.

Company Workflow

Essential for any sites that handles multiple timezone and public holidays.

Public Holidays

Create, edit and publish public holidays in which your country observes.

Time Management

Display operational hours or public holidays for your company on the forums.

IMCE Sponsorship


The Muslim Family Governance Framework and programs are enabled in our secure Cloud Data Center and Infrastructure Framework


FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI Compliance


Integrated Risks and Controls Self-Assessment Framework
Strategy, Program, High Value Assets identification and management, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Validation and Reporting


ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Information Security Operations Center and Security Program


ISO 27002 Domain & Controls Technical Implementations
Approved Security Policies, Standards, Tools, Process and Procedures


Secure Infrastructure Baseline Framework and Management
Next Generation Secure Cloud Storage Architecture Design & Implementation


Secure Cloud Data Center – SSAE16 Compliant


Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Operations Engine! (Restricted and Copyright Information)

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