Rimici Leadership

Aug-Oct 2015

Oct-Dec 2015

Jan-Mar 2016

April-July 2016

Rimici Governance

Rimici Introduction

Volunteers Orientation

California International Muslim Chamber of Economy

Muslim Family Encryption Based Private Cloud

Secure Cloud Governance

Rimici Programs Introduction

Volunteers Training of Programs & Processes

Texas International Muslim Chamber of Economy

E-Commerce Program

Family Risk Governance

Volunteer Management Program

Volunteer teams for each program, reporting and quality improvements

Women Business Program

Halal Micro Financing & Banking Program

Rimici Metrics Reporting & Risk Management

Family & Friends Membership Drive

California and Texas Muslim Family Connect!

Small Business Program

ISO27001 Audit Preparation and Readiness


Hajj Travel Program

Jobs & Freelancing

ITIL operational process & metrics reporting

Secure Business Storage and Cloud


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